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3rd Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 14-15, 2023 | Rome, Italy



The study of electricity and how it affects chemical reactions is known as electrochemistry. Electricity is generated in electrochemistry by the passage of electrons from one element to another in a redox or oxidation-reduction reaction. The study of chemical reactions that cause electrons to move is known as electrochemistry. The movement of electrons is known as electricity, and it can be generated by moving electrons from one element to another in an oxidation-reduction ("redox") reaction. Electrochemistry is a truly multidisciplinary discipline with applications in a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological fields. Electrochemistry is a discipline and an industry based on physicochemical phenomena that occur when electrical and chemical energy exchanges collide in a reactive scheme. 

  • Batteries and power sources
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Computational and theoretical electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical surface science
  • Electrode reaction mechanisms
  • Fundamental electrochemistry
  • Organic and organometallic electrochemistry
  • Properties of interfaces
  • Spectroelectrochemistry and sonoelectrochemistry
Committee Members
Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2023 - Alexander Bagaturyants

Alexander Bagaturyants

Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation
Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2023 - Thomas J Webster

Thomas J Webster

Interstellar Therapeutics, United States
Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2023 - Vladimir G Chigrinov

Vladimir G Chigrinov

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

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