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Chemistry World Conference

Sep 06-08, 2021 | Rome, Italy

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Keynote Speaker for Chemistry World Conferences 2020-Puru Jena
Keynote Presentation
Title : Chemistry Beyond Conventional Wisdom*
Puru Jena, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

The chemistry of elements in the periodic table, created by Mendeleev in 1869 before the discovery of the electron and the knowledge of quantum mechanics, can be explained in terms of their valence electrons. For example, noble gas atoms, with an out [....]

Keynote Speaker for Chemistry World Conferences 2020
Keynote Presentation
Title : Theoretical modeling in organic nanophotonics
Alexander Bagaturyants, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Multiscale atomistic simulation methods are applied to studying excited molecules in organic materials and their interaction with neighboring molecules. The formation of exciplexes at the interface between layers of organic molecules in multilayer st [....]

Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Oral presentation
Title : Ions and molecules with internal degrees of freedom
Klemen Bohinc, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interactions in electrolyte solutions are of fundamental importance in many chemical and biological systems.  These interactions can be altered by the presence of charged molecules/ions, which possess spatially distributed charge. In this presen [....]

Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Oral presentation
Title : Interaction of human Telomeric i-motif DNA with Single walled carbon nanotubes. insights from molecular dynamics simulations
Tomasz Panczyk, Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Telomeres are terminal fragments of chromosome composed of highly repetitive sequences of nucleic bases (TTAGGG):(CCCTAA). We can distinguish guanine rich (G-rich) and cytosine-rich (C-rich) strands within the double stranded telomeric DNA. The biolo [....]

Respected Speaker for Chemistry 2021 - Yahia F Makableh
Oral Presentation
Title : Improved Perovskite Life Time by Using Nano Polymer Matrix Sandwich Structure
Yahia F Makableh, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

The stability of Perovskite materials lifetime by using Nano-polymer sandwich structure is investigated. A Perovskite composite is used consisting of the structure FAxMA1-xPbI3. The x ratios varied as 0.8,0.5 and 0.2. Two different polymers are used [....]

Respected speaker for Chemistry 2021 - Svetlana V Kochemirovskaia
Oral Presentation
Title : Low Frequency Magbetic Scanning Device for Determining the Quality of Moving Metallurgical Raw Materials
Svetlana V Kochemirovskaia, Saint Petersburg University, Russia

The development of an algorithm for automating the process of measuring the magnetic properties of macroscopic objects in motion is an important problem in various industries, especially in ferrous metallurgy, and in factories where ferrous scrap is [....]

Respected Speaker for Chemistry 2021 - Kseniia
Oral Presentation
Title : TBA
Kseniia, Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

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Keynote Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Keynote Presentation
Title : Symbiotic microorganisms, an inspirational model for the search of bioactive compounds
Eparvier Veronique, CNRS-ICSN, France

In nature insects and plants live in symbiosis with bacteria and fungi in order to protect themselves from their pathogens.1 These symbiotic microorganisms play a key role in the ecological success of their host. The ecological benefits they provide [....]

Keynote Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Keynote Presentation
Title : Mechanistic insights on heterogeneous photocatalysis for the synthesis of high-value added compounds
Francesco Parrino, University of Trento, Italy

Heterogeneous photocatalysis is an advanced oxidation process which exploits the property of irradiated semiconductors to generate electrons and holes which in turn initiate useful redox reactions. The classical field of application of photocatalysis [....]

Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Poster presentation
Title : Whey protein sodium alginate complexes to make edible films
Giovanna Rossi Marquez, Instituto Tecnologico Jose Mario Molina Pasquel y Henriquez, Mexico

Edible films are an alternative to petroleum based plastics and contributes to reduce the pollution. This films can be prepared using natural polymers like proteins, carbohydrates, lipids or a mix of them. Whey proteins (WP) can interact with sodium [....]

Respected Speaker for Chemistry 2021 - Boumediene Maamar,
Oral Presentation
Title : Removal of copper from aqueous solution by almond peel as a low cost sorbent material: kinetic, equilibrium and modelling
Boumediene Maamar, Tlemcen University, Algeria

The removal of copper ions (Cu2+) by an agricultural waste (almond peel) from synthetic aqueous solutions has been studied in batch mode. The effect of contact time and initial concentration of metal on the sorption kinetic has been studied. The resu [....]

Respected Speaker fro Chemistry 2021 - Etibar Ismailov
Oral Presentation
Title : Influence of surfacants on the Rheological Pecularities of High-viscosity Oils from a Number of Fields in Azerbaijan
Etibar Ismailov, Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, Azerbaijan

A decrease in the reserves of traditional light oils and an increase in the proportion of heavy oils with increased content of paraffin, resins, and asphaltenes, characterized by high density, viscosity, and pour point, significantly complicate techn [....]

Respected Speaker for Chemistry 2021 - Ikeke Kingsley Izuagbe
Oral Presentation
Title : Sorption of Alizarin red from Aqueous Solution Using Chitosan?Charcoal Composite
Ikeke Kingsley Izuagbe, Edo State Poly Usen, Nigeria

It is estimated that over 10% of the dye used in textile processing does not bind to the fabric and is therefore released to the environment. Some of these compounds constitute serious threats because of their carcinogenic potential or cytotoxicity T [....]

Keynote Speaker for Chemistry World Conferences 2020
Keynote Presentation
Title : Occurrence and analysis of betainized compounds in fruits

Betainized Compounds are a group of low molecular weight compounds, highly soluble in water, derived from amino acids in which the nitrogen atom is fully methylated. These substances are ubiquitous in the vegetal world and tend to accumulate, throug [....]

Keynote Speaker for International Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Title : Lipid based nanocarriers for the delivery of biomolecules
Lucia Catucci, University of Bari, Italy

Lipid-based nanocarriers have emerged as a very promising, tool for the delivery of various biomolecules lacking solubility, bioavailability and stability. These systems, in fact, are capable of encapsulating and protecting drugs from degradation bef [....]

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