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4th Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 17-19, 2024 | Paris, France

Chemistry 2024

Xueli Su

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2024 - Xueli Su
Jingchu University of Technology, China
Title : Treatment of industrial wastewater of ammonia nitrogen by electrodialyzation-gaseous membrane method


Ammonia nitrogen contaminated wastewater has posed great threat on the safety of water resources.It is very important for industrial wastewater reuse. Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology mainly includes biological method, adsorption, membrane absorption, electrodialysis and so on. But these methods have low efficiency, high energy consumption and easy to produce secondary pollution. To develop a method that not only reduces environmental pollution but also enhances the resource utilization of the wastewater, an innovative method of  treating ammonia nitrogen industrial wastewater with electrodialyzation-gaseous membrane method are studied,  and improve the process of the existing electrodialysis method of  wastewater treatment, and reasonably combined electrodialyzed wastewater treatment with gaseous membrane method to solve the problem of high power consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, and no secondary pollution. At the same time, the method is convenient to operate, the sewage treatment process is simple, the water treatment cost is saved, the clean water recovery is realized and the sewage is zero discharge, the environmental pollution is reduced, and the fresh water and ammonium nitrate can be effectively recovered, thus producing certain economic benefits. The proposed methodology contributes to the field of industrial wastewater treatment by providing an innovative approach that reduces power consumption and ensures compliance with national standards, and produced well benefit for community, economy, and zoology. This research expands the existing knowledge on wastewater treatment methods and offers a potential solution to the problem of ammonia nitrogen contamination.It serves a dual purpose — nurturing the environment while fostering economic growth.


Audience Take-Away:

  • This paper shows the treatment and recycling of ammonia nitrogen wastewater by electrodialyzation-gaseous membrane method.
  • This paper provides reference for the study of industrial wastewater treatment, other faculty could use the method to expand their research or teaching.
  • The proposed methodology contributes to the field of industrial wastewater treatment by providing an innovative approach that reduces power consumption.


Xueli Su graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China with a B.E. in chemosynthesis and received MS in 2000 at Hubei University. She joined the research group of Prof. Wu Cai-ying at Wuhan University, did research in flavor compounds in beer and studied techniques in solid phase micro-extraction in 2003, and was supervised by Dr. Tom Brenna in 2014, studied polyunsaturated fatty acids at Cornell University as visiting scholar. Her research group has been funded by the local government and these grants have supported work in environmental and green chemistry and published more than 40 research articles in journals.