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June 17-19, 2024 | Paris, France

Chemistry 2024

Yacob Mathai

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2024 - Yacob Mathai
Marma Health Centre, India
Title : Paracetamol is the most unscientific and dangerous drug for fever. Anyone can create a fever within hours using antipyretic objects


Paracetamol is a temperature-reducing (antipyretic) fever-stimulant drug.

Anything that reduces temperature  is a fever stimulant because it increases inflammation and reduces blood flow. Likewise, anything that increases heat reduces fever because it reduces inflammation and increases blood flow.

The definition, diagnosis and treatment of fever are against modern science in the world today1,2,3,4. It has no relation with what is happened in fever.

A temperature above 38°C is not fever by fever definition. A temperature above 38°C  is hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is the opposite of fever. It has none of the features of fever. Fever cannot be induced by substances that cause hyperthermia. However, there is a situation today where fever is decided by looking at the same temperature of hyperthermia

Those who do not know what a proper fever is, misunderstand that a fever is a rise in temperature and that lowering the temperature will cure the fever. So they call paracetamol a fever medicine.

Antipyretics are the only substances needed to induce fever in any organism.  Anyone can create fever, pneumonia, and death with antipyretics. But no one can create fever, pneumonia, and death by using heating substances at the same temperature as the fever.

  • Today we see the perverted practice of giving heat-reducing (fever-inducing) substances in the name of curing fever
  • Paracetamol destroys all the protective substances our immune system makes when we get sick. It decreases Glutathione, interferon, prostaglandin E2, platelets, WBC, etc 
  • Paracetamol does not reduce the disease, the cause of the disease or the cause of the fever, it increases them
  • Even for diseases that would have cured themselves due to the action of our immune system, using paracetamol can cause inflammation, reduced blood flow, and death
  • If the temperature of the fever is reduced by giving paracetamol, the substances produced only during the fever will increase


A practicing physician in the field of healthcare in the state of Kerala in India for the last 35 years and very much interested in basic research. My interest is spread across the fever, inflammation and back pain. He is a writer. He already printed and published Ten books on these subjects. He wrote hundreds of articles in various magazines.

After scientific studies, they have developed 8000 affirmative cross checking questions. Which  can explain all queries related to fever.