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4th Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 17-19, 2024 | Paris, France

Chemistry 2024

Bechir Chaouachi

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2024 - Bechir Chaouachi
University of Gabes, Tunisia
Title : Absorption-diffusion refrigeration machine: A case study of low carbon alkanes used as refrigerants


The human tendency consists in seeking a greater material comfort continuously. The field of the production of cold does not escape the rule. This tendency is evolved quickly, which requires more energy, therefore more terrestrial reheating and climatic change. So the research of no harmful refrigerant is necessary .

We propose in this work a numerical investigation of a diffusion-absorption refrigeration cycle working with a hydrocarbon mixture. It is about a machine of low refrigerating power (300 W) .The level of temperature in the generator is about 150 °C (fossil energy or solar energy) and it working with a no harmful mixture for the environment . We used a cooling medium temperature in the condenser and absorber at 35° C .Helium is used as an inert gas. The total pressure of operation is about 17.5 bars.

A modeling on suitable software was made for the system. the use of propane and butane as refrigerant was considered. The validation of our model was made by comparison with the literature results. Parametric studies are also undertaken to analyze the effects of the temperature of the generator, and also the temperature of evaporator on the performance of the system .Generally, we can conclude that the mixture of hydrocarbon proposed is a rather promising refrigerant as for the technical advantages which it offer, such as the use potential of a heat source at a temperature not exceeding 150°C.


Bechir Chaouachi has obtained the engineer diploma in chemical Engineering from the National School of Engineering of Gabes (TUNISIA) in 1987, he obtained the PhD in chemistry: option chemical Engineering in 1996 from the Faculty of Science of Tunis; University of Tunis II (TUNISIA) and he obtained the HDR from the National School of Engineering of Gabes (TUNISIA) in 2007. He is Professor and Director of the research laboratory: Energy, Water, Environment and processes at the National School of Engineering of Gabes – University of Gabes.

Research areas: Energy and renewable energies, water desalination, manufacture of hydrophobic membranes, design and dimensioning of heat and mass exchangers, heat pumps, separation of mixtures, environment and Processes Scientific publications. He has published more than 55 impacted publications, 136 Indexed publications, 02 Book chapter, International Edition and 04 national patents.