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4th Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 17-19, 2024 | Paris, France

Chemistry 2021

Elidia Maria Guerra

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2021 - Elidia Maria Guerra
Title : Electrical characterization of V2O5/POMA deposited by casting technique


Conductive polymers derivates, such as poly-o-methoxyaniline (POMA), have been broadly using in different applications due to their similar characteristic of polyaniline. POMA can intercalate into V2O5 matrix to improve their structural and electrical properties, and thin films of V2O5/POMA can be deposited by different techniques to extender their technological applications after intercalation reactions. V2O5 was prepared by sol-gel route. POMA was polymerized from its monomer, o-methoxyaniline, by intercalation reaction into the V2O5 matrix. After intercalation reaction, it was possible to note that the structure of the inorganic and organic materials was preserved from the results of DRX, FTIR and SEM. The use of deposition technique by casting for application as component in ammonia sensor, indicated that the parameter as resistance, interface effects and conductivity slightly change with the deposition technique compared with layer by layer deposition. A good theoretical–experimental fitting was observed between the Z′ curves and between the Z’’ curves, according to the theoretical model proposed. In both components, the numerator is much higher than the denominator, so we can infer that the real component (Z′) is approximately proportional to the bulk resistor (R) and that the imaginary component of complex impedance (Z'´) is approximately proportional to the bulk resistor squared (R2). Finally, these results indicated that the R is mostly responsible for the ammonia gas sensitivity obtained by the Z′ measurements and indicate also that R2 is associated with the ammonia gas sensitivity obtained from the Z'´ measurements. Therefore, in the presence of ammonia gas, the film presented a sensitivity in both real and imaginary components of CI with a good reliability confirmed by the theoretical Cole–Cole model.

Audience take-away:

In generally, the sensor can be used form ammonia gas detection.
Sensitivity component can be used possibility a low-cost device.
The device can be easy to handle.


Dr. Elidia Maria Guerra studied Chemistry at the Sao Paulo University, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, graduated in 2002 and post-graduated as Ph.D in 2007.Follow this, during her two Postdoctoral she was supervised by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Mulato (University of São Paulo) in 2007-2009 and by Prof. Dr. Rodrigo F. Bianchi (Federal University of Ouro Preto) in 2009. She obtained the position of an Associate Professor II at the UFSJ.