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4th Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 17-19, 2024 | Paris, France

Chemistry 2024

Kung Chung Yuan

Kung Chung Yuan, Speaker at Chemistry Conference
Kung Chung Yuan
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan


Dr. Kung graduated from National Tsing Hua University 1969 and 1972 with BS and MS degree in physics, university of Alabama in Huntsville 1974 in physics and Northwestern university 1979 in material science. He is a Post doctor at Georgia Tech and research science at Lawrence laboratory, With about 6 years experiences in US industries Fairchild and National Semiconductor and he worked for ITRI (Taiwan) since 1987 and also worked for National  Chung-Hsing  University electric engineering department since 1991 to 2016 (retired).