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5th Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 02-04, 2025 | Rome, Italy

Chemistry 2024

Jerry T Thornthwaite

Jerry T Thornthwaite, Speaker at Chemistry Conference
Jerry T Thornthwaite
Cancer Research Institute of West Tennessee, United States


Jerry T Thornthwaite completed his chemistry doctoral program in 1975 at Florida State University with a research emphasis in biophysics. He has performed extensive research in instrumentation, reagents, and clinical applications in flow cytometry, image analysis, and luminometry. He helped to conduct grants from NASA, ACS, DARPA, NIH, and McCormick Research, among others. In 1972, he discovered what is now recognized as the Natural Killer Cell (NKC) and has published significant research in prophylactically and therapeutically enhancing NKC activity. In addition, he developed a malaria treatment in Haiti and Nigeria, which cured over 90% of the patients without recurrence. He started the two largest Immuno-Oncology Laboratories at Cedars Medical Center and Baptist Hospital in Miami and was the Clinical Laboratory Director. He has published over 70 papers and holds ten patents.

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