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Sep 06-08, 2021 | Rome, Italy

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Jan Kratzer

Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Jan Kratzer
Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany
Title : Starting up in the Age of Sustainability


Starting up business endeavors is increasingly linked with demands of sustainability in all branches. However, the current world is still far from reaching the 17 goals for sustainable development as formulated from United Nations. The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs probably agree that our social well-fare, our economic stability all our life quality depends on taking these goals serious and translating them into future business activities. However, reality is still miles away.


There are three major dilemmas for startups in chemistry translating sustainable demands into business. The first is the unique start up process in natural and life sciences itself. Becoming a scientist or engineer is not naturally linked to education in sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainability is not recognized as sensemaking vehicle in enterprises and that creating authenticity as business requires sustainability as driver. Secondly, development efforts in chemistry hardly integrate users, who increasingly demand sustainable products and processes. User innovation override managed innovation in R&D departments, there are far more successful. Thirdly, measuring sustainability impact is inherently difficult for mature organizations. Measuring it for startups that have limited time, financial and human resources and additionally fast changing business models makes this almost unsolvable. However, finding investors is increasingly linked to be able to measure its own sustainable footprint. In the future attracting investments from fonds or via crowdfunding will strongly be linked to transparent sustainable impact measurements. A new approach addressing this has been found in effectuation driven lean entrepreneurship.


Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer is Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Academic Director of Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE) at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. He created and coordinates the Mastergrogram MSc “Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” (IMES) at TU Berlin. In addition, he is in the editorial board of the Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management (CIM), Journal of Product Innovation Management (J-PIM) and Sustainability. His research is mainly on factors that drive entrepreneurial activities towards success and has appeared among more in Journal of Consumer Research, Economy and Society, Journal of Cleaner Products, Research Policy, Health Policy, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Creative Behavior, R&D Management, Journal of Technology Transfer, Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social Change and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 

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