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Sep 06-08, 2021 | Rome, Italy

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Rami Pasha

Speaker for Chemistry 2020
Rami Pasha
The Umm AlQura University, Saudi Arabia
Title : Fabrication of bar-coded metal nanowires (gold, silver and gold–silver composite nanowires)


The aim of this project is the preparation of gold, silver and gold–silver composite nanowires via the electro deposition process using an alumina membrane with 0.2 micrometer pores acting as a template for the formation of the metal nanowires. 

A key issue in the development of nano- and molecular scale-electronics is the fabrication of devices that can be assembled in circuits. This project is devoted to the preparation of metallic nanowires containing alternating strips of two or more different metals, such as gold and silver. The scheme for the preparation of such devices relies on the electroplating deposition of the metal into the pores of an anodised alumina membrane by the subsequent exposure of the membrane to solutions of two metal salts of different concentrations and electrolysis durations. The dissolution of the membrane template leads to the formation of “barcoded nanorods”. The properties and self-assembly of these nanorods were studied using scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) and optical microscopy (OM) combined with directed assembly in an AC electrical field. It was also attempted to functionalise specific stripes of the bar-coded nanorods with proteins to produce a barcoded nanosensor device. In this project, the silver nanorods, gold nanorods and gold- silver composite nanowires have been investigated and prepared


Rami Pasha Department of Chemistry, The Umm AlQura University, Saudi Arabia

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