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3rd Edition of

Chemistry World Conference

June 14-15, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Chemistry 2023

Heba Ibrahim Mohamed Ragab Isawi

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2023 - Heba Ibrahim Mohamed Ragab Isawi
Desert Research Center, Egypt
Title : Synthesis of Graphene oxide-silver (GO-Ag) Nanocomposite TFC RO membrane to enhance morphology and separation performances for groundwater desalination, (case study Marsa Alam area- Red Sea).


Worldwide water shortage due to water pollution, climate change and population growth has become a critical challenge to solve. The most important challenges of the polyamide thin film composite PA(TFC) membranes are:  (i) improving the membrane performances and (ii) enhancing the fouling resistances. The novel system proposed herein is based on a newly designed graphene oxide-silver (GO-Ag) nanocomposite TFC RO Reverse Osmosis membrane to enhance morphology and separation performances for groundwater desalination. The estimated up scaling parameters will be used for constructing a prototype for desalination of the brackish/saline water in Coastal arid regions using novel technologies that capable of eliminating suspended solids, antibiotics from the contaminated saline water effluents released for domestic and irrigation reuse in the semiarid and arid watersheds. he surface nanostructure of polyamide thin film membrane PA(TF) has been enhanced for reverse osmosis water desalination using prepared (GO-Ag) nanocomposites (NCs) incorporated into PA(TF) membrane matrix. The synthesized (GO-Ag) NCs and membrane surface properties were characterized using different devices. Additionally, membrane performances have been evaluated. The modified membrane has greatly enhanced the biofouling resistance and inhibits microbial attachment and biofilm growing onto the membrane surfaces using E.coli as a foulant model

Audience Take Away:

  • Groundwater desalination using nano-enhanced membrane.
  • The modified membrane has inhibits microbial attachment and biofilm growing onto the membrane surfaces.
  • Reducing the cost of the cubic meter of desalted water through R & D related to local development of desalination components.
  • This application will provide a sustainable fresh water resource suitable for different sector as fresh water for drinking in semi/arid areas, touristic in coastal areas, and agriculture in remote areas


Dr. Isawi studied Chemistry at the Zagazeg University, Egypt in 2000 and graduated as MS in 2008. She then joined the Desert Research Center (DRC) in 2001 till now. She received her PhD degree at Chemistry Department, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 2016. Dr. Isawi was a visiting Scholar in Chemical Engineering Department University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to get her PhD. She was working as a Chemist, Assistant Researcher then Researcher Staff at DRC. Dr. Isawi obtained the position of an Associate Professor in Water Chemistry 2022 at the Desert Research Center. Dr. Isawi has published more than 20 research articles in high impact factor, SCI (E) journals.