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Chemistry World Conference

June 14-15, 2023 | Online Event

Chemistry 2023

Raafat Abdeldayem

Speaker at Chemistry World Conference 2023 - Raafat Abdeldayem
Mansoura University, Egypt
Title : Mercury overload in water and kidney


Objective: Chronic kidney disorder can be a prime health interest. Mercury considered as a silent threat to the environment and human life, through the world. This work purposes to access the effects of mercury overload in domestic water on the renal function.
Materials and methods: The study performed in spring 2021 on one hundred participants and conducted in two main areas. 100ml of water, 40 ml of urine and 10 ml of blood samples from patients suffering from kidney diseases and healthy individuals as control group. These samples will be processed and analyzed to determine the extent of active kidney disease.
Results: The mean levels of mercury in water, and urine samples of the case group exceeded the standard references and were significantly higher compared to the control group indicating more exposure to mercury. Proteinuria was significantly higher whereas, hemoglobin and hematocrit became considerably decrease among case group participants which is probably an indicator for kidney affection due to mercury exposure. Conclusion; Mercury overload in domestic water can cause renal impairment. The study showed that urinalysis for Proteinuria and hemoglobin values is commonly used as a screening test to detect kidney damage caused by mercury poisoning.
Recommendation: Measures to prevent environmental pollutants and continuous monitoring of water sources in these districts are clearly necessary.
Keywords: Blood; kidney; mercury; urine; Water


- PhD, MSc and 2 diplomas from Mansoura University colleges of Science and Medicine
- Specializes in toxicology & forensic chemistry, water pollution, in addition to medical analyses
- Published papers 19 local and 11 international publications
- Spoken at 75 local and 18 international conferences and workshops
- Currently member of 8 international scientific societies